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REI - Mission Statement

REI Mission Statement

REI’s values are reflected in everything we do—from our focus on customers to our commitment to environmental stewardship. Our values serve as a foundation for how we conduct business, how we serve members and how we treat each other.

REI’s culture, the heart of our work environment, is one that supports our values as well as our business goals. It’s one of the primary reasons why people come to work for us. They want to be part of the special place known as REI.


Watch the video on CNNMoney that shows why people really love working at REI: REI Video

Here’s a closer look:


  • We are true to the outdoors


  • We provide trustworthy products and services


  • We serve others with expertise and enthusiasm


  • We listen and learn from each other


  • We live by a code of rock-solid ethics, honesty, and decency


  • We encourage each other to enjoy all aspects of life