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Discover Financial - Mission Statement

Discover Mission Statement



Innovation, simplicity, collaboration. Openness, volunteerism, enthusiasm. Doing the right thing and treating all with respect. These are the values that guide every action and interaction at Discover – and the principles that define the difference we’re making in the lives of customers and employees alike.

At Discover, our mission is to attract, hire and retain the best and brightest people – those who understand and share our dedication to excellence. There’s something unique at work here, and we invite you to learn more about our:

Core Values

Discover Leadership Behaviors

Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

Spirit of Volunteerism

There are still more rewards. Learn more about our benefits and work/life balance.

Core Values

Eight core values and guiding behaviors help define our culture. These values, which are carefully woven into everything we do, include:

Doing the Right Thing

* Displaying integrity and performing to the highest ethical and business standards

* Being accountable for your own actions and results; acknowledging and learning from mistakes

* Encouraging the personal growth of others


* Finding ways to be first to market

* Promoting continuous improvement

* Encouraging prudent risk taking and having tolerance for honest mistakes

* Recognizing and rewarding truly inventive initiative and risk taking


* Providing clear and direct messages

* Working to streamline workflow

* Making efficient use of resources and time


* Promoting cooperative efforts with others, and being a team player

* Working toward the most effective, mutually satisfactory solution

* Developing positive, professional partnerships with colleagues and customers


* Communicating openly and honestly with others; fostering an environment of trust

* Providing and accepting ideas and feedback

* Listening to, understanding and appreciating other’s viewpoints


* Recognizing and supporting the needs of our communities

* Committing time and energy to the company’s volunteer activities

* Assisting and supporting team members and customers in achieving company, team and individual goals


* Exhibiting a clear understanding and commitment to the company’s vision, mission, values and business strategies

* Displaying a high energy level, and going the extra mile

* Fostering a creative/fun environment that recognizes and celebrates achievements


* Encouraging and valuing the opinions of team members and customers

* Honoring and respecting diversity of people, their ideas and their work styles

* Promoting and demonstrating a balance between work and home life

Discover Leadership Behaviors

Achieving long-term success as a business requires leadership at every level of the organization. To achieve a high level of performance and to meet our business goals, all employees are expected to exhibit these behaviors. Our talent management efforts focus on developing these behaviors and also guide us how we select, assess, and reward our talent.

Company Leadership

Actions that make us a great company and impact the overall success of Discover Financial Services

Results Leadership

Actions that drive the execution of our overall strategy and supporting goals

Thought Leadership

Actions that bring innovation, improvements and expertise; create opportunities and address challenges

People Leadership

Actions that build our relationships with others