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Culture is 2014 “Word of the Year”

So, we thought we were on to something when we started building this Culture Experts website a few months ago.  We were so pleased to see that Meriam-Webster cited “Culture” as their Word of the year.  We completely agree, Culture is “the word of the year.”

In their article they discuss how the word is moving out of the textbooks and into the vocabulary and headlines in a major way.

“This year, the use of the word culture to define ideas in this way has moved from the classroom syllabus to the conversation at large, appearing in headlines and analyses across a wide swath of topics.”

We see this as just one of the many signs of the times that is bringing “Culture” into the forefront of conversations.  But what does Culture Mean?  Perhaps you are among the people who haven’t thought much about that word since you were in school and it was used in a history, Sociology, or Organization Behavior class.  Fortunately you have come to the right place to learn about culture. This website is full of articles that define what culture is (5 Building Blocks of Culture) , how you can recognize what kind of culture you have (@DaveLogan) , and numerous ways to diagnose, influence and improve the culture you have in your organization.