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UV50: Top 30 Fastest-Growing Companies

fast and the curious — 30 local companies that have innovation on speed dial.


Three-Year Growth 442% 2013 Revenue $2,499,344 Founded 2009 City American Fork Employees 30 (plus 20 contractors) Industry eLearning Website, FoundersAndrew Scivally, 37; Shawn Ski Scivally, 35

The Company The iStockPhoto of eLearning, it has the largest library of eLearning games, templates, quizzes, interactions, layouts, skins and scenarios.

The Growth With more than 30,000 killer templates, more than 89,000 monthly downloads and a brotherly love culture, eLearning Brothers has scored a 2014 Inc. 500 ranking and clients like Adobe, Canon, RC Willey and Chick-fil-A.

Best Moment Ever “We brought the whole team to a conference in Vegas with a laser-focused expo strategy. The team’s emotion and execution was phenomenal. We owned the expo floor and blew it out of the water. Every attendee felt like they were part of our family — and we did tons of sales.”

Coolest Company Tradition “The slow clap.”

Culture In Three Words “Orange is brotastic.”

The Advice “Hire your brother and give him half the company … or focus on your mission. If you don’t have a real mission, create one.”

In 2020 “We’ll be more orange than ever! We’ll be the largest eLearning template company in the world.”


Three-Year Growth 391% 2013 Revenue $22,960,943 Founded 2009 City Lehi Employees 410 Industry Online marketing Website Founders Rick Horsley, 43; Travis Thorpe, 45; Jared Turner, 37 Past UV50 Fastest-Growing Ranking 2013: #1

The Company An online presence builder for small businesses through effective, affordable and client-focused SEO.

The Growth Formidable focus, lively leadership and top technology proves last year’s No. 1 Fastest-Growing Company is still boosting at the seams.

The Growing Pains “Having 400-plus employees in three offices.”

Best Moment Ever “Being recognized by the Yellow Page industry as the premier partner to work with.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Running out of money in 2009 and having our development team go find new jobs.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Summer parties.”

Culture In Three Words “Hardworking. Fun. Committed.”

The Advice “Provide value and over-deliver. Customer referrals will come.”

In 2020 “We’ll have expanded domestically and internationally into Europe and South America.”


Three-Year Growth 352% 2013 Revenue $79,953,302 Founded 2010 City American Fork Employees 118 IndustryReal estate Website Founder Ryan Poelman, 37 Past UV50 Ranking 2013: #2 Startup to Watch

The Company A provider of turnkey, rental real estate to investors around the world. Additionally, it provides other real estate-related services such as private lending, corporation/entity setup, tax liens, trust deeds and residential improved building lots.

The Growth Talk about a home run. With a core value of integrity and experienced entrepreneurship at the helm, Nudge — which also resides on our Top Revenue list — operates in multiple countries, interacts with hundreds of thousands of clients and completes thousands of real estate transactions annually.

The Growing Pains “Capital.”

Best Moment Ever “Getting reports of clients making big bucks doing real estate.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Having good people leave.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Food challenges.” 

CultureIn Three Words “Oh so sweet.”

The Advice “Take care of your customers.”

In 2020 “We’ll be in a new building in Lindon chuggin’ along.”


Three-Year Growth 266% 2013 Revenue $2,201,321 Founded 2010 City Lehi Employees 130 Industry Offshore staffing Website Founder Brigham Tomco, 34 Past UV50 Ranking 2012: #8 Startup to Watch

The Company A provider of enterprise level recruiting, infrastructure and HR management through a “cosourcing model,” which helps companies compete in a global marketplace by connecting them to overseas talent.

The Growth An innovative model that solves global growing pains has pushed Zylun — and its HR solutions — onto the world stage.

The Growing Pains “Knowing at what point to add key managers.”

Best Moment Ever “Signing our first client.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Letting go of early management team members who couldn’t evolve with the business as we pivoted and scaled.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Christmas party in the Philippines.”

Culture In Three Words “Focused and fun.” 

The Advice “Hire key people who can build systems and processes that allow your company to scale.”

In 2020 “We’ll have a thousand-plus employees in multiple cities in the U.S. and Philippines.”


Three-Year Growth 221% 2013 Revenue $20,173,235 Founded 2009 City Orem Employees 325 Industry SatelliteWebsite Founder Paul Southam, 35 Past UV50 Fastest-Growing Ranking 2013: #2

The Company A door-to-door seller of DIRECTV nationwide.

The Growth With door-knocking dominance, Clear Satellite channeled success the instant it powered on (it won Top First-Year Dealer from DIRECTV). As for its future? Clearer than HD.

The Growing Pains “Training.”

Best Moment Ever “Becoming the largest retailer in the nation for DIRECTV.”

Hardest Moment Ever “Letting go of good people who tried hard but didn’t have the skills.”

Coolest Company Tradition “Yearly elite trip.”

Culture In Three Words “Happy. Fun. Exciting.”

The Advice “Don’t do it too fast.”

In 2020 “Still No. 1.”

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