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Dr Spock – Chief Culture Officer

This article appears on by Megan Brio

RIP Leonard Nimoy, the actor who brought Star Trek’sSpock to life. Nimoy’s characterization of the Vulcan-human hybrid turned him into the moral compass of the Enterprise — and the enterprise. Despite his internal conflicts, Spock was the invaluable right hand to Captain Kirk.

The Enterprise was its own organization, predictive of today’s world of work: global, multigenerational, never-a-dull-moment, constantly disrupted (Oncoming!), and led by a brilliant, stubborn, charismatic captain / CEO. Seen in that light, Spock was a Chief Culture Officer (CCO), and he set the bar high. His judgment calls bolstered Kirk’s bravado decision-making and (often) reassured the crew. His sense of logic was grounding, aligning the mission, the task at hand, and the values of the ship  — in short, the company culture.


This article appears on by Megan Brio