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Culture Card 1

The Culture Card

The Culture Card, as it has come to be known in our company, is a 3×5 laminated card that represents our Culture.  The content for these cards were developed through a series of exercises with our staff and went through numerous revisions before making it to final print. The final printed version was then laminated to give it a very sturdy and lasting feel.

All employees were given one of these cards, and now all new employees are given one on their first day at the company.  We encourage them to keep these cards with them at all times and have a replacement fee if lost. (We haven’t actually enforced that part yet, but it helps symbolize the importance of the cards and what they represent to our culture).

We use the cards in our hiring and interviewing process to communicate to potential hires what we are looking for.  People who resonate with these values get excited about it and feel some pride in the cards and the prospect of working here.  People who don’t feel a sense of connection to these values and the culture that the cards represent might think that it is “stupid, or silly”.  That’s OK.  We don’t want them working here anyways.

Culture, or “Good Culture”  is something that you must continuously and persistently be working on.  The funny thing is, that the more people who fit the culture before they start, the less trouble you have with trying to change people to match a culture that you want.

Culture Card 1

Culture Card 1


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