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Edelman - Mission Statement

Edelman Mission Statement
Dan Edelman founded our firm on the values of quality, integrity, respect, entrepreneurial spirit and mutual benefits, and they remain at the core of our culture today. Citizenship was added as our sixth value in 2012, reflecting the importance of giving back to our global communities and protecting the world. Please read our position on climate change.
Our Values:
Quality: Excellence in products, services and people that drives long-term growth and employee satisfaction.
Integrity: Responsible, trustworthy partners respected by all stakeholders.
Respect: Positive relationships with our colleagues, clients and the communities in which we do business.
Entrepreneurial Spirit: Superior staff with the drive to take charge and make a difference for our clients.
Mutual Benefits: Financial success that rewards our firm, our employees and our clients.
Citizenship: Acting with purpose in everything we do.
Our Mission:
To provide public relations counsel and strategic communications services which enable our clients to build strong relationships, and to influence attitudes and behaviors in a complex world.
We undertake our mission through convergence by integrating specialist knowledge of practices and industries, local market understanding, proprietary methodology and breakthrough creativity.
We are dedicated to building long-term, rewarding partnerships that add value to our clients and our people.
Our clients are leaders in their fields who are initiating change and seeking new solutions.
Edelman is committed to honesty.
Edelman is committed to transparency.
Edelman is committed to fair dealing.
Edelman ensures business activity aligns with the interests of all stakeholders: clients, employees and parties with whom we interact.
Edelman strives to model best practice in all areas of our business.
Edelman does not violate legal obligations.

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