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Culture Experts

Who are the world’s experts when it comes to designing, defining, developing Great Company Culture?  Here are a few that you should care about.


Ann Rhodes: Author of “Built on Values”.

AmyK Hutchens: Author “The Secrets Leaders Keep today!

Cameron Herold: Author “Double Double”

Chester Elton: Author, “The Carrot Principle”, “The 24 Carrot Manager”,

Dave Logan: Author “Tribal Leadership”

Dan Dennison: Professor of Management and Organization at IMD in Lausanne Switzerland

Don Rheeme:  Expert in Employe Engagement.

Debbie Robins: Executive Coach and Culture Expert.

Edgar Shein: Author “Organizational Change and Leadership”, MIT Professor

Jason Young: Author “The Culturetopia Effect”

Keith Norris: Author, “The 5 Building Blocks of Culture”, “Progressive Goal Planning”

Larry Senn: Entrepreneur, Author “Winning Teams, Winning Cultures”

Meghan M. Biro: Founder Talent Culture Consulting

Mark Cook: Author, Culture Expert.

Mark Taylor: Author, Consultant.

Michael Henderson: Author, “Leading Through Values”, and “Above the Line”.

Richard L Godfrey: Author 3Gaps  and Culture Expert

S. Chris Edmonds: Organizational culture guru. Author, “The Culture Engine”

Tim Kuppler:  Consultant and co-founder of The Culture Advantage, co-founder of and a business coach with AdviCoach.